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Corporate profile

Company facts

Representation President Toyohiko Ayamori
Executive staff

Executive Director

Executive Director
Corporate Auditor

Toyohiko Ayamori
Ryuichi Kondo

Kazuhiro Yoshizawa
Koji Matsunami
Yasuhiko Hayashi
Osamu Miyakawa
Yoshimasa Kataoka
Masashi Shimura

Foundation January 28, 1942
Capital 430,000,000 yen
No. of employees 153

1-2-1, Kanda Sarugaku-cho, Chiyoda-ku,

Tokyo, 101-0064 JAPAN
TEL : 03-3292-3751
FAX : 03-3292-0410
E-mail : info@jptco.co.jp

Sales offices 

Kyushu Office

206 ARK VILA YAKUIN, 4-5-2 Yakuin, Chuuo-ku,

Fukuoka, 812-0022 JAPAN
TEL : 092-534-2270
FAX : 092-534-2271
E-mail : jpt-yosho@jptco.co.jp

Company's business - Export of general and academic books and periodicals,
   language learning textbooks and materials,
   audio/visual discs and other general merchandise.
- Import and domestic sales of above mentioned items.
- Rental and management of real estate.

Company's business/exports

Japanese-language publications

We ship Japanese books and magazines all over the world, primarily to Japanese citizens and people of Japanese ancestry living overseas, as well as to Japanese schools in other countries.

Foreign-language publications

We are active in the overseas marketing of foreign-language works published by our affiliate, Japan Publications, Inc., as well as works produced jointly with some of Japan's largest publishers. We also engage in joint publications with publishers overseas, and are active in the sale of publication rights. As part of our wide range of overseas marketing activities, we exhibit our products at the Frankfurt Book Fair and other shows around the world, giving global exposure to the JPT logo.

Japanese language study materials

Through our U.S. subsidiary, JP Trading, Inc., we supply textbooks and other study materials to meet the needs of Japanese language teachers and students overseas.

Audio/visual media

As the contemporary audio/visual market expands from records and tapes to include videos, laser discs, compact discs, and digital video discs (DVDs), our sales of these products to distributors in the U.S., Europe, and Southeast Asia continue to soar.

Japanese merchandise and other products

We handle a broad range of Japan-related products, from office supplies, paper products, traditional crafts, ceremonial objects and household items to word processors and other office and educational equipment. Our customers include not only Japanese citizens and people of Japanese ancestry, but Japanese schools overseas, Japanese language classrooms, and foreign trading companies.

Company's business/imports, domestic sales and real estate

Imported publications

JPT is one of Japan's top importers of foreign-language publications; our catalog runs the gamut from academic books and periodicals to microfilm, language teaching materials, and CD-ROMs. As the licensed sales agent or distributor for several major overseas publishers, we are able to meet demands for imported literature from educational institutions, businesses, and individual readers.

Domestic publications

At the request of the government offices, universities, and foreign embassies to whom we provide foreign-language publications, we also serve as suppliers of Japanese-language publications throughout Japan. Additionally, we sell English-language books published by JPT, our affiliate Japan Publications, Inc., and other domestic publishers to book distributors, major retailers, hotel bookstores, and U.S. armed forces facilities in Japan.

Music imports

We having been in music business for more than 20 years. We supply CDs, DVDs and other music related products available to all kinds of outlets in Japan. All of our efforts are applied to our services with good expertise in music, full logistic supports, seamless operations and supplies.

Office supplies

We are actively engaged in the manufacture, import, and sales of office supplies to stationery shops, bookstores, and university coops by special arrangement with top brand makers in the industry.

Real estate

Out of a total of 7,492 square meters of floor space in our Nichibo and Shin-Nichibo Buildings in downtown Tokyo, some 3,200 square meters is rented out, making office leasing a significant part of our business. We have also built a Student Center in Sapporo, where we rent out dormitory rooms to students.